Let There Be Beauty

You can do anything, but you can’t do everything.

Here’s a peek at some decorating updates I recently made to our entry.

I love and hate that quote. I often wish I could meander down every shiny path I fancy, but at the same time, it’s nice to have the wise permission not to, at least not all at once. If I could, though, I’d learn how to paint flowers, dance like an angel, dig into the art of flower farming and floral design; I’d be a songwriter, publish lovely little children’s books, have a formal education in interior design, and manage all that’s required to have a successful Style Me Marie blog. (Add to that list a clean house and a thriving family, and I think I’d die happy.)  

In the last few years, I’ve contemplated the wisdom in that quote often, and it’s inspired me to push some dreams to the wayside and focus on a select few, mainly this blog. Still, even with cutting a lot out, often my dreams feel out of reach and frivolous. Do interiors and flowers really matter when there are such hefty problems in the world, plus my own children to raise and nurture who, for nearly the last decade, we’ve chosen to homeschool, a constant weight and pull and joy.

Although not necessarily needed, maybe pursuing a blog featuring beautiful design and intricate flower arrangements would feel more justified if it were guaranteed to contribute financially to our family. Maybe then I’d feel more validated in my efforts. Maybe then it would matter how I decorated my house. So often my dreams feel like second-rate ambitions in the test of life, or so I’ve been tempted to believe. 

But as I sit here and write, I gaze out the window at my gorgeous and fragrant lilac tree and think, God created it and thousands of other flowering plants for the purpose of beautifying the earth, and what about all the glorious sunsets He paints for us each evening? The many ways He’s created beauty on earth are endless, and if it’s important to God, it can be important to me. 

Another liberating moment I had was while I was worshipping in one of our church’s many temples and contemplating whether God would have me put so much care and effort toward continually improving the aesthetic of our home. And not only that, but whether I should take it a big step further and promote the venture on this blog. After sincerely praying for His approval, I opened my eyes and immediately noticed the intricate detail on the chairs we were sitting in. Our temples, which we believe to be houses of God here on earth, are nothing short of immaculate elegance. I had my answer; while beautifying our homes might not be the most important pursuit in life, it’s still a worthy one if it brings peace and harmony. It’s also a skill I can bless others with and take with me into the eternities. (As members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, we also believe that the only things we can take with us after we die are our relationships and any knowledge we acquired during our time here on earth.) 

God and family will always come first, but I’d love to intertwine Style Me Marie into the fabric of a life that prioritizes the most important things. So, in my spare time as a God-fearing homeschool mom who adores her husband and kids, you can find me postponing the painting, dancing and songwriting for another day, and instead sharing the flowers we’re growing and designing–the beautiful, yet often messy, and hopefully happy home we’re trying to create. 

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