Life is Better with a Big Sister

A great way to look at your interior design with fresh eyes is to take a photo of the space. Seriously, I cannot believe how insightful this is! But if your experience with this exercise is anything like mine has been, be prepared to instantly notice flaws that went unnoticed when you were analyzing the room in real time. So often, after I’ve gotten a room “picture perfect” for a little photo-op, I take the photos, only to later pull them up on my computer and be shocked by things like sloppy pillow placement, distracting wrinkles, or decor that’s too busy. Although potentially frustrating, photographing interiors can be so interesting and enlightening! I highly recommend!

On a different note, I wanted to share the new rug I got for my girls’ bedroom. This room–a favorite space of mine– has come so far in the last five years since we bought our house, and I’ve been dreaming about getting a rug in there from the get go. For awhile, I was convinced I’d get a giant round rug someday, but when I spotted this Giada Loloi Rug from a distance at Home Goods, I couldn’t help but haul it home for a try. It took the help of my mom and sister to get it placed beneath the adjacent twin beds, but we did it and I love it!

Some other things I love about their room are the dresser knobs, which used to be white, that I spray painted. I’m also very proud of the plants in there! There’s a fiddle leaf fig I rescued from its deathbed and a baby olive tree I just got. Both are thriving because of all the sunshine my girls get, and because I’m such a devoted plant mama. My girls often tease me because I’m always checking on them (the plants) and telling them (my girls) how the plants are doing. “You love them more than us!” they joke. Anybody else love their plant babies a whole lot?

Lastly, I’ve loved seeing what the girls come up with for their letter boards. Since December, Isabella has had “It’s the most wonderful time of the year” up on hers, so the Anne of Green gables quote is a most welcome change. Also, I don’t have it pictured, but Juliette came up with an original quote for her letter board: “Life is better with a big sister in it.”

So sweet, right!?

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