Farewell, Yellow House

After convincing Will we should paint the house (ourselves!), I discovered the Personal Color Viewer Tool on the Benjamin Moore website. You can upload a picture of any surface you’d like to visualize in a different color. The end result is a bit sloppy, but it’s given me valuable insight as to what our home would look in white, grey and black, and the hundreds of other colors I tried out! Seriously, it’s addicting! I didn’t waste anytime time plugging in white for my siding because I’ve always wanted a white house, but wasn’t sure it’d look good on this house… what do you think, could I pull it off?

Chantilly Lace

I wish I could add shutters to break up the white, but there isn’t enough room around most of the windows. If we were to choose white, I might add a few flower boxes to the two lower windows, but we’re about to add flower boxes to the adjacent barn. Is there such thing as too many flower boxes? I’d like to think not, especially since we’re florists! At the very least, adding the landscaping we’re hoping to get in this summer would surely soften up all that white.

Chantilly Lace with Wrought Iron Garage

Before discovering this tool, I thought for certain I’d decide to play it “safe” and choose a light-to-mid-tone bluish grey color, but I don’t know that I’m feeling the grey on this house… to me, it cheapens the look.

Smoke Grey
Sweatshirt Grey

After experimenting with lots of colors, I’m quite tempted to go dark, which feels a little scary to me! I’m seriously considering Benjamin Moore’s Wrought Iron (the color we chose for the French doors throughout the interior of our house), but I don’t know, Black Ink is awfully pretty, too. Here’s a little inspiration photo for the dark look I love:

Which of these dark colors would you choose? Or should I go white??

Black Ink
Wrought Iron
Hale Navy

4 thoughts on “Farewell, Yellow House

  1. I like the dark. Either the navy or black! Such a big decision but maybe starting with the barn will give you a better idea of the direction to go with the house?


    1. That’s a good idea about just starting with the barn. I’m hoping we can make progress on the barn this weekend. We shall see! Have you decided what color your going to paint the house you’re building? I’ve always loved your taste!


      1. Thank you!
        At first I was going to do a dark blue like the one you have listed. I love that color. But with the style of the house I’m going to do a creamy white with brown stain shutters and shake in the gables. The actual color I have not decided. I’m thinking of Benjamin Moore feather down. Do you have a one you like?


      2. Oooh, that sounds dreamy! We just started painting our barn SW Alabaster (white), and I love it! I wanted to stain our flower boxes for the barn brown, but wasn’t happy with the brown I chose. Let me know if you find a brown stain you love!


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