Florals for You

I hope everyone had a lovely Valentine’s Day. I spent mine with Will, helping one of our Williams Flower and Gift shops deliver flowers. My favorite part was seeing bouquets practically spilling out the door; I liked to imagine them anxious to be off to help someone feel loved that day. They were simply beautiful.

Gah, I’m flower obsessed! I dream of painting flowers, growing flowers, designing flowers, photographing flowers, and my latest and most promising obsession (wink), is collecting floral art. I have Farmer Rosie here in town to thank for this current craze. The floral gallery she has hung on the wall of her cafe stopped me in my tracks. I immediately took a picture of it and sent it to my girl gang (mom and sisters) who were equally inspired.

We always make time to go thrifting when we’re together, and now my main objective for these outings is to find the perfect floral painting. I’m still in the gathering phase of this project, unsure of which wall in my house will win the honor of displaying such a masterpiece when the time comes, but my sister Emma already has hers up in her dining room! So proud.

While I wait for my family of paintings to feel complete, I have two up on my fireplace mantle. At first, I tried to arrange as many paintings as I could fit up there in an eclectic way–the way I imagine the gallery wall will eventually feel, but here, understated and accented with some shimmery candles felt more fitting.

A word of caution–if you love it, buy it. There were two paintings that I walked away from, thinking I’d get some feedback from my sisters before I purchased them, but when I came back later that afternoon, they were gone and I was so disappointed! I haven’t stopped thinking about this pair since. Maybe they’ll be my inspiration if I ever do pick up a paintbrush.

Also, if the idea of thrifting doesn’t appeal to you, Target has some darling floral paintings I’ve been eyeing:

Vintage Floral

Still Life with Flowers

Mauve Floral

Flora Framed

Sylvie Still Life

You’ll have to let me know if you catch the bug!

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