Pink Chairs for my Office!

Over on my Instagram stories, I left everyone hanging about the makeover on my office chairs! My mom found these gorgeous and incredibly comfy chairs for 10 bucks apiece at a garage sale! The cushions were in pristine condition, while the wood frames needed a little love, so we decided to freshen things up with my all-time favorite paint: Advance by Benjamin Moore (satin). The color Black Ink (also by Benjamin Moore) seems to be my signature these days, so I bought some more of it knowing our front door could use some touching up. Had I not needed more paint in this color anyway, I would have considered painting them in a true black (or maybe a lighter shade of pink?), but I’m happy with how they turned out, and they certainly go with the flow around here.

Now, let’s play two truths and a lie, shall we?

  1. I had the bouquet specifically designed at our flower shops for this pink chair reveal.
  2. It was easy to paint around the cushions without getting paint on them.
  3. I’ve never read the book I’m holding–Wuthering Heights.

See below this before photo for some answers!

  1. Lie. Will gave this lovely bundle of flowers to me for Valentine’s Day and they just happened to look right at home with my chairs!
  2. Truth! I actually thought this project would be trickier than it was because I was worried about getting paint on the cushions, especially where the cushions meet the cane webbing on the sides. But we just wedged cardstock between the arms and the caning, and it blocked the paint flawlessly!
  3. Truth. This pretty green book has been in many a photoshoot, but I’ve never read it; should I add Wuthering Heights to my book list?

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