A Mood Board for our Mudroom!

In addition to the relentless stream of dirty clothes practically attacking me whenever I open the cupboard door to the laundry chute in our mudroom, our laundry-slash-mudroom is also the junk drawer of our home right now and has been pitiful lately! Needless to say, I loved gathering inspiration pictures and creating my very first mood board for our mudroom makeover, which is at the top of my list for big projects to accomplish in 2021.

And it’s not just cosmetics that needs fixing. Due to some water damage and rot issues we had when we first moved into our home, there are literally missing tiles and disintegrating baseboards to be dealt with before I can get started. The first step will be to replace the missing tiles and repair the baseboards, and then I’m planning on painting the tile in a charcoal grey color with Rustoleum Home Floor Coating to achieve a similar (but much less expensive) vibe to the inspiration picture (below/right) for our floors. I definitely want to have hooks for hats and bags in this room, too!

Ok, I’m obsessed with the green color and vertical paneling in the inspiration photo (below left). And paired with that floral rug and the charcoal floors I’m dreaming of? Eeeek! I could look at these pictures all day!

Below are some more vertical paneling and hooks to swoon over. Those stand-alone hooks are everything! I also love the built-in bench…but I’d have to forego having a folding table in our laundry room if I did a bench. Might be worth it. Something tells me I’ll still take all our clean clothes to our bedroom to fold even if I had a folding table in this room. Thoughts?

And now for my very first mood board! I created it in Photoshop and have included links below. Oh, and if you’re wondering why I added a shower curtain to the board, it’s because we have a shower in our mudroom, so it’ll be fun to get a new curtain for that! Like I mentioned, we don’t have a place for folding laundry, so I’m considering getting an industrial-looking utility table and storing a few cute hampers on wheels underneath it–a landing place for the dirty laundry that won’t ever go away for as long as I live! See, beautifying a room I spend so much time in should definitely be a priority, right?

I’d love to hear what’s on your project list this year!

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