A Little More Christmas

Everyone has a different opinion about when it’s time to tuck away their Christmas decorations. I tend to put it away in phases, the same way I put them up. I think that helps me enjoy the process on both ends even more. Tell me I’m not the only one who still has at least some of theirs up?

My favorite decoration this year–the fresh garland I made for the first time–was, unfortunately, the last to go up and the first to come down. Like a fresh bouquet of flowers, organic decor never quite lasts long enough, but the way they breathe so much life into a space makes them totally worth all the effort. Here’s my garland a couple weeks old and honestly, on its deathbed, but I still love it and can’t wait to make them again next year!

A few days after Christmas, I had so much fun shopping the holiday clearance section at World Market (went twice in two days!), that instead of coming home and cleaning up Christmas, I came home and had fun decorating with my new half-off finds! This put post-Christmas decorating into stiff competition with pre-Christmas decorating! It was really fun.

Mainly, I replaced the brown paper stars on my mantle with some big yet delicate white paper snowflakes lanterns I found there. I really love them and just might keep them up until Valentine’s Day.

I also picked up some Star Shaped Pillar Candles that I’m saving to give away as little Christmas gifts next year, as well as smaller paper stars that I came home and added as ornaments on our Christmas tree. It’s up for debate at my house, but I think they’re just what our tree needed for New Years!

Oh, and have you ever heard of an angel chime? Also on clearance, this Gold Metal Angel Chime set could make great little gifts for next year, too! A few weeks before Christmas, some girlfriends and I had our own little “parade of homes” as an excuse to enjoy each other’s Christmas decor. At one of the homes, I was introduced to an angel chime for the first time. I love how in a dim room, the light from the candles flutters on the ceiling as the angels spin around.

The effect reminds me of a scene towards the beginning of The Greatest Showman when P. T. Barnum comes home to his darling family and lights a candle under what he calls “a wishing machine,” and it casts spinning light on the sheets they have hung up to dry that evening on the rooftop.

This is a wishing machine,” Barnum says. “You tell it your wishes, and it keeps them safe until they come true. Even if you forget them, they’re always there.”

The greatest Showman

I like to think that this is what an angel chime does! When I saw a bunch of them on clearance at World Market, I had to have one. To be honest, they’re a little finicky and tinsel-y, but I don’t even care because they’re just so charming. So, until I have Leonardo Da Vinci’s blueprints to make my very own wishing machine like P. T. Barnum does (wink), my angel chime should do the trick. I hope all of your wishes comes true in this new year!

9 thoughts on “A Little More Christmas

  1. Everything you found is so dreamy!! Love
    It all! And I once kept my Christmas decorations up til February. Haha. That was the year Cole was born. I wish World Market wasn’t so far from me!


      1. Thank you!!! Is this the blond sister who lived in Utah? I ran into her at Jolley’s in SLC right before Christmas. She’s so sweet!


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