Prettiest Paper Stars

I’m surprised I’ve never come across a tutorial to make these beautiful, simple and inexpensive paper stars before, but am I ever glad I did! I knew the minute I saw them that I wanted to make them, and I wanted to do it before Christmas was over. In just the nick of time, on Christmas Eve Eve, my girls and I finally had a minute to sit down together and make them. And now I want to share with you just how easy and fun they are, because they really added a special touch to our Christmas decor this year.

We made both white and brown ones. The white ones looked beautiful with the paper snowflakes we hung in the bay windows, and the big brown ones looked lovely on our mantle. And get this. They are made out of paper bags! We just grabbed classic paper lunch sacks, but I’m sure any type of paper bag would work! Another perk is that aside from the bags, all you need is scissors, glue sticks, and a stapler! It really doesn’t get much simpler than that!

The first step is to grab 12 paper bags (of any color or size; you can cut the bags down shorter to make smaller ones) and divide them into three groups of four. Next, glue each set together, one on top of the other, right side up. The reason you separate the bags into groups of four is so that it’s easier to cut through them. I suppose if you had excellent scissors, you could go ahead and glue all twelve on top of each other, because that is the end goal.

But assuming you don’t have scissors with superpowers, go ahead and snip the top of the first set so that is has a triangular point to it, and then use that set as a pattern for cutting the next two sets.

After they all have a point cut out of the top, you can glue all three sets together, again, one on top of the other, face up (I emphasize the face up bit because that’s what makes the middle of the star look so beautiful; it’ll look a little wonky if you’re not glueing each bag in the same direction). The next step might be the most difficult of all: wait 10 minutes for the glue to dry! After it’s dry, go ahead and open up that beautiful star! Isn’t it just fantastic and fulfilling to create something so beautiful with such little effort!? I feel like even a kindergartener could do this!

The final step is to staple the ends together and then find the perfect spot to display them in your home! I think they could be used for so many different seasons and displays! After New Years, these lovelies might make their way upstairs to my girls’ room!

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