At the end of a productive “Girl Power” project day, my mom and I decided to wrap up time day together by hanging a piece of decorative art that my youngest sister Lissie helped me revive a few weeks ago. With a fresh coat of linen white chalk paint, it was ready for its new home above the fireplace in my bathroom. With all the picture hanging we’ve done lately, you’d think I’d know better than to cut corners, but tired, I suggested we just eyeball it this time.

Sure enough, as we stepped back to inspect, we could see that it sat slightly slanted. Instead of poke another hole in the wall, in the same spirit of winging it, I next suggested we just stick something on top of the left nail so it would sit a hair higher…something like a piece of cotton ball! I quickly grabbed one out of a nearby drawer and climbed on top of the fireplace to place it. But it wasn’t enough, so I started stuffing more and more cotton on top of the nail until the darn thing hung straight. Mission accomplished?

We then proceeded to admire and gush about how well the cotton blended with the linen white chalk paint. You can’t even tell! But It didn’t take long for my feelings of “ta-da!” to change into embarrassment. Laughing, I turned to my mom and said in my best presenter voice, “And there you have it– Style Me Marie!” This sent us into hysterics, laughing so hard our insides hurt and our eyes were streaming. We have so much fun together on these project days, even when I’m over here trying to cut corners! (Don’t normally recommend that, by the way! But not taking yourself too seriously? Highly recommend.)

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